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Artist Application - Art Jury Submission

​Thank you for your interest in joining the Circle of Art Atchison as an artist.

If you are an artist, take a look at the COAA Artist Statement for more information and let us know if interested.

Artists are selected through a jury review process to establish a collection of member
artists and a queuing (wait list) for replacement artists and guest artists.


The jury process is to maintain a diversity of artistic styles, ensure an artist’s quality of art, and that gallery inventory is maintainable. Selected artists will be provided with an estimated 6-foot-wide space in the gallery for their art.

Artist considerations when submitting.

  • Artist pays a $50.00 non-refundable fee to present to a jury for gallery consideration.

  • Art needs to be original work from the artist.

  • An artist can submit for multiple art mediums.

  • Six items of each medium needs to be provided for consideration to qualify.

Artists may later add additional mediums; but will require jurying for each medium
to be approved.

Upload Your Artist Statement
Upload Art

Thanks for submitting!

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