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Cindy DeGraw

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The Award Winning Cindy DeGraw is at the Circle of Art Atchison - COAA!

Cindy works and creates from a rural home in the extreme northeast corner of the state of Kansas.  She lives and breathes art, which along with caring for animals, is embedded in her soul.


She has received many awards and honors for her works of art, she is a member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild, and creates in multiple mediums, including clay, oils, acrylics, and encaustics. 

Her early works were portraits of pets that were deeply loved by their owners. "I have always been an advocate and voice for the animals. It brings great joy to be entrusted to create a portrait of a pet that is a part of someone's family or, sometimes, their only family.
It is an honor."

Her favorite season is Halloween, which is reflected in her art, and brought her devoted followers, excited to see what she creates next. 

"Spooky, haunted, dark and mysterious - all are my favorite places to explore!  The very first thing about creating art is to know what the backstory is. Be it fictitious, factual, or loosely based on facts.  All of my works have a story, and a healthy dose of psychology infused within the work".

Cindy is currently exhibiting her work at the COAA and the Northland Artists’ Gallery in Weston Missouri.

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