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Jeff Garrison

Art by Garrison

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Jeff Garrison and his Eccentric World of Art

"A whimsical view of the world and the beasties who inhabit it."  Original works by Jeff Garrison.

The mouse is my brush, the computer is my canvas. I create digital paintings. A style not completely digital nor completely hand drawn.

Often led by the intrepid and mischievous dachshund Adventure Girrrl, my work includes fun and whimsical escapades at settings visited by a charming cast of characters, including Cats, Monsters, 'tievers, Long Leggeded Beasties, Ice Skating Geese, and all their friends. 


Each original piece is produced on satin finish canvas using the Giclee Process of premium archival art printing to bring out a museum quality level of color and texture.


I hope you enjoy the work and spending time with my friends as much as I do!


Art by Garrison

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