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Overton Jenda Jr

A graduate of Benedictine College, Overtoun specializes in College, Gestalt, Psychedelia, Fractals, Pop Art, Colorist.

My art is comprised of vector objects that I draw by hand on my computer, vector objects that have meaning to me: logos, species, household items, iconic faces... or at least facsimiles of those things. 

My art is the opposite of anthropomorphic, instead of attributing human characteristics to non-human things I see the logos, species, and household items in every face I draw. Each piece is a psychedelic scene stuffed with all kinds of derivations and recreations. These vector objects vary in type with the sort of lighting experienced by my subject. Example; if I were to draw geese on a December afternoon in Seattle, the shapes found in my drawing would be shapes that humans have come to associate with winter: snowboards, snowshoes, rabbits, and sheep. Why? Because if light is how we perceive the world, and light changes with the seasons/time of day, then there must be a correlation between the shapes we see and the season/time of day. 


That link between climate, light, and optical perception explains what the Impressionists were about, and why plein air painters are always in such a hurry.

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